Few Easy Tips To Keep Babies’ Skin Healthy!

Few Easy Tips To Keep Babies’ Skin Healthy!

Posted on November 11, 2015

A newborn human baby is so cute and soft.But also very delicate and sensitive.Caring for a small baby is not an easy task.It requires constant monitoring and supervision by an alert adult.One has to ensure proper diet,clothing ,sleeping,hygienic environment for optimum health and development of the baby.

Optimum health means proper functioning and growth of all body parts and organs of the baby.Skin is the largest organ of the body as it covers a lot of surface area ,it’s upkeep is also of prime importance.The skin of a baby is very tender,soft and sensitive,therefore it needs special care.

Some of the ways to keep the skin of your baby super healthy are:-

  1. By ensuring proper diet : the baby should be fed nutritious ,age appropriate food stuffs which provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals as this has direct effect on the texture of baby’s skin

2.Avoid harsh soaps : use soap or body wash specifically recommended for babies,preferably natural and organic.Don’t let the baby soak or play for too long in the water as this can make the baby’s skin dry by stripping off the natural oils from the skin.Very dry skin can lead to itching on the skin.

3.Keep skin clean and dry: After giving bath to the baby ,dry the skin properly with a clean and soft towel.Extra dampness and humid skin is an unwanted invitation to bacterial or fungal infections.

4.Keep the skin properly moisturised: Use good quality baby lotion after bath to keep baby’s skin well hydrated.The lotion can be lightly patted into baby’s skin.This will help in keeping skin supple and glowing.

5.Proper clothing material: Use only natural and soft material like cotton for baby’s clothes,as these come in direct contact with baby’skin.Synthetic material can contain harmful chemicals which can cause allergy to the baby and cause immense discomfort.Even the market bought new dresses should be first washed in a baby friendly detergent before use so that all the chemicals or germs are washed away.The dress should not have any harsh edges or decorative add-ons which can irritate the baby.

6.Choose a diaper sensibly: While selecting a diaper for your baby keep these important points in mind.They are-

a)softness and stretch of the diaper to make the baby feel comfortable and relaxed while wearing it.The material should be highly absorbent so as to guarantee dryness at all time.

b)diaper should be light weight and of proper fit according to the shape of baby’s body.The sides should be soft and not too tight .Ill-fitting shapes can cause diaper rashes,therefore search  for custom fit.

c)diaper should have an easy indication of wetness.This helps the care giver know conveniently at the earliest when to change the diaper,thus ensuring proper hygiene.

7.Avoiding diaper rash: If the baby has redness around the diaper area ,then it is diaper rash .You can apply rash ointment after consulting your pediatrician. But prevention is always better than cure .How to prevent this rash from happening in the first place? Mostly diaper rashes occur because of diapers which are too tight,wet diapers left unchanged for too long or substandard brand of diapers.Avoid it by  choosing diaper brand sensibly and changing your baby’s diaper as soon as it is wet.

Follow these tips for making your baby comfortable,healthy and happy.


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Note: photo courtesy pampers.com


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