Why We Need To Rethink About Bursting Crackers During Celebrations?

Let us all give this issue some serious thought!


Crackers have been used during celebrations in many cultures around the world since time immemorial.In the bygone era,when there were limited resources of entertainment and recreation,the crackers must have brought a sense of novelty and thrill to the people.Those days air pollution was not even an issue.But as times have changed drastically,I feel the crackers have outlived their use in any form.

First and foremost is the concern over increased rate of air pollution in major cities and the deteriorating air quality.Many folks might argue that one night of cracker bursting will hardly have a major impact on levels of pollution.Contrary to this line of thought, research and monitoring has shown that pollutant levels in the air can rise almost tenfold just in one night during festivals like diwali .And the worrying part is that each year the use of crackers has been increasing almost multifold.

Sometimes this increased pollutionā€¦

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