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It’s something of altruism that if one knows to laugh well,only then can he live well.


Role of laughter in love relationships is very vital. It cannot be over emphasized. Two people cannot coexist peacefully if they cannot laugh together and enjoy it.This can be taken as a measuring scale of how true and deep the relationship is.


If the love is real,a person will definitely try to make the partner happy,relaxed and calm.What better way than a dose of humor to cool down hassled nerves?


Lack of humor in any relationship can be a warning sign. It should be taken seriously and amends should be made by consciously adding a wholesome dose of laughter in your interactions with your love partner.


When you can laugh on small witty episodes,then this means you can also find joy in the little pleasures of life.You and your partner can cruise over the ups and downs of life successfully with a shared sense of humor.


Laughter also has physiological health benefits which is good enough reason to make your partner  laugh more if you genuinely love him/her.


Some of the benefits of laughter are:-

1) enhances immunity

2) reduces blood pressure

3) boon for respiratory and cardiovascular system

4) increases natural painkillers in the blood

5) helps in reducing stress and tension




Thus learning to laugh is a very useful tool and life lesson.It enhances the overall well being of a person and also of those around him as it is contagious.It a spreads fast to bring cheer all around.


It has often been observed that people who are funny are ‘survivors’ in real life.They have learned to smile inspite of the hardships they faced. They use comedy to hide their emotional trauma and tears.They have decided to choose optimism over pessimism and to move forward in life with full   enthusiasm.


According to a research done by Stanford university using MRI scans,men are hardwired to produce humor while women are programmed to appreciate humor. This explains why laughter has such an important well fitted role in the dynamics of love relationships.


Laughter makes the bond of love stronger,closer and log lasting.It proves to be a breath of fresh air for relationship.


Lot of relationship problems can be solved and handled effectively in the light, friendly atmosphere when humor is used intelligently.


Partner who has a great sense of humor is a true blessing as he /she can provide much needed respite from any stressful situation which are so common place in today’s fast paced world.


A funny man is a real heart stealer,according to most women who were surveyed for a study.

Marilyn Monroe had also famously said”If you can make a woman laugh you can make her do anything”.

‘Anything’most definitely includes love at the top of the list.

If you can laugh together you can love and live together.

Keep laughing and loving !


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