I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


In today’s Indian society, women are conquering what were till now, the unchartered territories. Whether it is the field of engineering, medicine, finance, armed forces or aviation, women of our nation are making their mark in all fields. They are contributing positively to the society and nation as well with their intelligence and hard work.

When the matter concerns the home front, their contribution is equally praiseworthy and most often they share the maximum load of work in this arena. The division of house work is uneven and unbalanced.



House hold chores like cooking, cleaning and washing clothes were traditionally considered as a women’s preserve and sole responsibility. Women have since ages, willingly or unwillingly followed this prejudiced belief.

This stereotype has been perpetuated since many generations and has therefore become deeply ingrained in the psyche of almost all members of our society. Menfolk generally don’t share the responsibility of house chores. Some  advertisements  and serials in the visual media play a negative role in promoting harmful stereotypes of women in the predominantly patriarchal society.

No doubt, two out of three children think that household work and washing clothes is a mother’s job. Children will naturally believe what they observe around them. Home is considered to be the first school for children. They learn their core believes and mannerisms here. When children observe such disparity amongst the two genders regarding household chores, where in mom does most of the house work and dad hardly ever contributes in it …they take it to be the correct and proper belief and tend to learn the same behavior.

The children are bound to carry such faulty and prejudiced believes into their adulthood. Thus the behavior of parents at home acts as a means of passing wrong opinions  to the younger generation.

According to the survey, 65% of married men in India agree that their children replicate their behavior at home. Hence it is high time to change the mindset prevailing in our society. Children are the future of our society and also the nation. Thus it is very important to impart right values to kids at home itself.

Children wrapped in their little worlds readily believe what is presented before their wonder filled eyes and inquisitive developing minds. Children can be the driving change in the society and play an important role in breaking such prejudices and stereotypes, helping to establish equal and balanced society.

Children should be encouraged to engage in thoughtful action and not follow the traditions or customs which are outdated and obsolete. This is possible if they notice such examples of equality of genders in their own homes since early childhood.

In some homes, the equations have already undergone vast shifts- the husband and wife help each other in running the family and share house work through combined effort. In other homes, the scenario is slowly but surely changing. Some modern couples no longer see the house chores as a women’s exclusive duty. Men are trying to pitch in. With the advent of highly advanced gadgets like automatic washing machines etc., it has become easy for men to do chores as laundry also, as there is no need of experiential expertise required.

We have to change the dynamics of our homes and the ways we function so that women enjoy total equality.Man and woman must try to share equal domestic responsibilities. Right example must be set for children to follow. The children will thus learn the correct lessons and will be sensitized early on about the equality of genders even in house holds.They should be educated about gender equality in schools as well. The mainstream media should also understand the huge impact it has on young minds and depict behaviors in a responsible manner. This will go a long way in bringing about total balance and harmony in our homes and therefore in our society as well.


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