The Night of Adventure




Our final exams were only half finished and we had a few day’s gap in between the continuous exams. So, to make the best use of the break and filled with invincible adventure spirit, we decided to plan a night of adventure outside the walls of our boring boarding school, which basically included breaking out of the building at night, going around and returning to our boarding house before anyone started ‘missing’ us.


“I hate getting wet.” Ritvik replied.

We only had our backpacks with us and they were filled with food items that we had  managed to sneak away from the dorm refrigerator.


“Let’s go!” Ritvik finally broke the silence, and we rushed outside the building. We had only sauntered a few meters, when we chanced upon a huge house-like structure.

“I thought there was a jungle right there…” I muttered to myself.

“Yesterday’s cyclone must have uprooted the trees that hid that building from our sight of view.” Ritvik said scratching his chin.

“Cyclone, eh?” I wondered.


We started moving towards the building.

“It’s a warehouse!!!!” Ritvik exclaimed.

“And….. It’s empty” I said, opening the door.

” So? There’s no way that I’m gonna get back in that dungeon without enjoying some moments of freedom.” Ritvik said, keeping his bag down and opening the food items that we managed to sneak out.

“At-least, you could just check your surroundings before you sit down for a picnic in the middle of no-where.” I said, switching my flashlight ‘on’ and scanning the floor and the walls of the warehouse. That’s when my eye caught something shining on the floor on the far end of the warehouse.


On noticing that I was looking at something intently, Ritvik got up and stood near me, following my gaze.

“What is that?” Ritvik asked.

“I think it is gold…” I replied.

“What?!!!” Ritvik made a mad run towards it and tried to lift it up. But he couldn’t.

“Help me lift this thing up” Ritvik said as I came near him. I realized that it was a chain and it was stuck under a basement-door kind of thing. “Okay, I’m gonna lift this door up, you pull that chain, at the count of three” I said taking my position.

“Wait. 1-2-Pull, or 1-2-3-Pull?” Ritvik asked.

“Just pull” I replied trying to stay focused.

“Alright. PULL!!” We tried to lift that thing with all our might, and when we finally succeeded, we discovered a room below the door- Full of the fabled lost pirate TREASURE from the 16th century- bags full of gold coins and diamond necklaces.

Now this was real adventure and freedom !

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