Share The Work Load !

” Our horizons are shaped by what we know others have actually done”


“Time for change, Time to restart, Time to conquer, That time is now.”


Most men have the mindset that house chores are not their job and should be done by the women of the house.

Laundry, cooking and making the bed are all jobs either left undone or to the women in the house and the typical man only learns to use the washing machine after the age of 24, found a survey of more than 2000 men over the age of 30.


Society assumes that it is women’s responsibility to spend many more hours than their counterparts doing unpaid house work. The gender imbalance is sill alive and thriving in spite of so much progress and advancements all around. Women still shoulder most of the burden of household tasks. There isn’t much willingness from men to contribute.


With changing times, when women are sharing equal responsibilities in all spheres of life, to expect them to be solely responsible for and shoulder the household chores is very unfair.

Now, is the right time to take a stand against this gender inequality and bring about a paradigm shift in Indian households. It is very important to break the stereotypes and prejudices prevalent in the society regarding gender roles.


Before trying to change the society, one should try to change one’s own self; so i decided to take up this challenge of sharing the load of house chores by participating in #LaundryGoesOddEven activity along with Blogadda and Ariel Matic. It is always better to practice what  you preach.




The weight of house work is real and heavy. You need to divide the house responsibilities equally with your partner. I decided to help my wife in doing the chores at home as she also leads a hectic life.

Ariel Matic with the new OddEven calendar came in handy to divide the chores equally between us as we decided to share the laundry job on alternate days. For the first time in the history of the world, the Ariel Matic pack comes with an odd even calendar, this makes the division of laundry job  easy and convenient to remember.

The pack also also comes with easy guidelines with steps to follow to do the task easily. There are added tips to avoid follies to ensure the good results even for the inexperienced ones.




As i embarked on my journey, technology proved to be a great enabler with advanced washing machines available nowadays. I was able to do my share of the task very easily as I had technology and ariel matic at my disposal. The new Ariel ensures that the stains vanish easily and the clothes come out clean and fresh. In fact, i really enjoyed doing the laundry as the fragrance of Ariel is so refreshing.

It is so easy and effective to use, that even a novice like me was able to achieve remarkable results and laundry i washed turned out as good as new. Off course, on the alternate days which were marked for my wife in the odd even calendar, she did an equally good job. So it was truly a Miya-Biwi ka kamaal.




By splitting the chores, we were able to reduce time spend on house work and thus were able to spend much more quality time together which in turn strengthened our relationship, making both of us happy.

I also noticed that my wife looked more relaxed whereas earlier, she was always in a hurry mode, stressed about the chores to be completed at home. Seems, she had too much to do on her hands. Now she was more calm as I was there  along with our mate Ariel Matic to lend her a helping hand and ease away some of her burdens.

After noticing the changes, this activity has brought in our relationship dynamics, i am looking forward to learning some more chores like cooking to help and assist my wife and ALSO, learning something new is always beneficial to our self development as an individual.


So, to encourage a balanced household, let us change the gender bias norms to bust the stereotypes, that laundry is only a women’s chore. All men should contribute equally in the basic household chores that make life comfortable. Let us help our wive, mom or sister around the house and bring balance to the gender inequality within the family dynamics and build a strong foundation for content family members and happy homes.


Sometimes, the stereotypes of the society have to be broken to live your life by your own choice to usher in positive changes. It is a big challenge, no doubt, but just stop worrying on who talks what, about you; who doesn’t accept you. If you really care for your near and dear ones, live life on your terms and live it well!!


‘I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’


pics credit and taken by self

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