Share The Load to Reduce Gender Prejudices in Gen Next!

The prejudices of gender discrimination are deep rooted in our society. There is some improvement in urban house holds regarding the division and sharing of tasks at home but generally it is still considered the responsibility of the women folk of the house. The scenario is even worse in the rural or less educated segments of society. Right from childhood, the children get to see gender inequality in their homes and in the society at large, they thus form gender stereotypes in their minds which are highly incorrect in this modern progressive world, where gender equality is not just a matter of choice but an urgent need of the hour.

We need to modify the image of stereotypical work sharing in house holds where a girl is understood to be the one performing tasks like cooking and cleaning while boys are prepared for a life of earning the livelihood for the family. This distorted image results in developing a mindset in children which is detrimental to the true development of their overall personality making them fit to be the global citizens in the future who qual respect for th the genders and who value respect for everyone without any underlying prejudices.

We should formulate a plan on how to teach our kids the basic lessons of gender equality, which are best learned starting from home.



From early childhood, boys should be encouraged to help their mothers just like their sisters do, in the house work. Parents can start with small tasks like serving water or refreshments to the guests, laying out the table for dinner or hanging out clothes to dry.They should be appreciated for their efforts regardless of the mistakes they might make initially. This will instill confidence in them to do such tasks own and also the concept of gender equality will get ingrained in them to the core. They will not look down with scorn or indifference upon household chores as being outside their domain and responsibility even when they grow into adults.

To reduce gender prejudices in gen next, we need a particular targeted approach. It should be our collective mission to raise kids who believe in gender equality, not just in their homes but also in the outside world.They should be made to learn that, in this modern era, no job is gender specific anymore. It is said that best way to teach kids is to teach them through example. So, the  role of fathers is of paramount importance to rear gender sensitive kids in the family. They should share the house work load with their wives, moms and sisters at home and set a good example for children to follow. Children learn the fastest through observation.

These basic ethics learned by children in their growing – up formative years play a vital role in their personality development and the values they will uphold in future. This phase will decide what they will stand for in their adult life.The right set of values becomes a permanent fixture in their mental realms.

The change should start right now to develop future generations for whom gender inequality is a strange concept. The children who see equality in their homes now, will bring up their own kids in a way where gender discrimination will be an entirely unthinkable, unfathomable and alien issue.

This way, we can nip the prejudice of yester -years and backward mindsets in the bud stage itself. This will ensure a long term solution to this problem of gender prejudices.

The progressive initiative of #sharetheload  taken up by Blogadda, Ariel and Akshara is a major step in the right direction to harbinger a positive change in the society.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.







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