Teach By Example To Reduce Gender Prejudices In Gen Next !

For eons, women have been told to live their lives and behave in a certain way. There is immense societal pressure on them. Times have definitely evolved, lot of progress has been made in diverse fields which have brought about tremendous changes in the way we live and function but the mindsets in regards to gender equality have not changed at such faster rate. Inequality still exists in most cultures and communities around the world at some or the other level in all spheres of life -education, religion, domestic front and many more. Women are considered below par in some aspects even after the progress they have made in all fields.

To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while ~Josh Billings

In highly patriarchal Indian society, girls are often discriminated against on the pretext of following tradition and culture. Preference is given to son’s education and daughter is made to learn domestic chores. According to statistics available through a survey by NGO  Akshara, 41% girls drop out of school by 8th class. Even if she  gets educated and starts working to earn for the family, she is expected to be proficient in domestic chores and shoulder the complete household responsibilities alone without expecting any help from other family members.

Society at large has certain fixed stereotypes about the role and behavior of women, which are highly prejudiced. These are regressive and haven’t undergone any modification since ages. The need of the hour is to modify these believes to the core so as to change the mindset of a much larger section of society at a deeper level.

These changes need to start from our homes as a’ home ‘is the basic structural unit of any society. If we want our Gen Next to believe and practice gender equality we have to start educating them about it in their formative years. The work has to be started from now itself.Then only can we hope to see positive changes towards reduced gender prejudices in our future citizens.

Children LEARN What They See and What They LIVE !

We need to change our perspectives on raising kids by adopting and following progressive and relevant views.

So what is the right approach to teach our gen next about gender inequality ?

I feel we have to develop and practice a multi-pronged approach for our hopes to come to fruition in this aspect. First of all, children should be helped to understand about the wrong notions of’ division of labor ‘in our homes and society. They should be made to realise that this is not acceptable and just in an educated and cultured society. They should know that this is wrong and not normal.

Then, there should be a constant effort to encourage equality at all levels in home as well as outside the home- in school, parks etc. Children follow what they observe ; so we have to start sharing the work load of domestic chores in our households equally to set a good example in front of them. We should shake off our limiting and outdated beliefs and behavior.

The World Is Changed By Our Example Not By Your Opinion !

Children should be given small home tasks like dusting, making sandwiches or lemonade, putting laundry in washing machines without any differentiation based on their gender.

Daughters should be empowered from early childhood itself so that they develop the confidence to challenge inequality in the world around them.

We should strive to rear our sons in such a way that they understand and follow the correct approach to become the role models of gender equality we hope to see in our future generations.

It is very important to teach the young children about the inherent prejudices and gender injustices in our society, so that they start their adult lives with the right perspectives on gender equality.

Our behavior should be such that it inspires our  gen next and also those around us to happily emulate our example. We need to develop a strong sense of conviction in our thoughts and believes so that no amount of back talking, ridicule or the fear of being laughed at, is able to sway us from our chosen path.

By taking this path breaking initiative of share the load, blogaada and ariel have shown us the way, it is our duty to follow this path sincerely to bring about true and progressive changes in our society.


I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.


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