Go Gaga On Yoga !

Today, on international yoga day, the enthusiasm in everyone to practice and follow yoga is infectious. Millions are stretching and doing the yoga postures. Let us know some more about it.

Yoga is a very ancient science of holistic style of living  which was developed in India around 5000 years ago.It is a discipline which integrates mind, body and soul. The techniques and wisdom of yoga have been used since Vedic age in India. It is not just a method but a complete way of life.

Yoga promotes all round development of personality of an individual as it helps to achieve fitness at all levels- physical, mental and emotional. Yoga is also completely natural. It creates harmony between humans and nature.

Some of the benefits of yoga are :

  1. Overall good health
  2. Increased flexibility
  3. Increased immunity
  4. Peace of mind
  5. Glowing healthy skin
  6. Increased discipline in all aspects of life

There are several forms of yoga practices with varied benefits. Some are

  1. HATHA YOGA– Hatha means ‘to be adamant’ in hindi language. This form of yoga involves techniques that help in being adamant to achieve total control over one’s body and mind through constant discipline. It helps to increase focus, patience and concentration.
  2. IYENGAR YOGA-This concept of integrating one’s mind and body was developed by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar. In this form, props, like wooden gadgets, ropes are used during asanas. It is therapeutic in nature and has been successfully used to treat several illnesses.
  3. PATANJALI YOGA- This is one of the most popular form being followed these days, promoted by yoga guru Baba Ramdev. It focuses on asanas and breathing exercises which help to strengthen one’s core. It helps in rejuvenating the whole bodyh and keeping it disease free.
  4. KRIYA YOGA-This meditation technique was brought in focus by Paramhansa Yoganand. Kriya is a method to control energy or pranayama. It accelerates one’s spiritual growth.
  5. BIKRAM YOGA This form was started by Bikram choudhary. In this, there is a sequence of 26 postures, which are designed to work systematically on each part of the body. Thus it helps in attaining optimum health.

There are around 84 classic asanas of yoga.

According to mythology, Lord Shiva is considered the Supreme Lord of yoga and he was the first yogi. Swami Vivekananda was the greatest proponent of Yoga in the west.

Let us make a decision to try and start practicing yoga regularly and achieve optimum health and efficiency in a Natural way!




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