Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review


Join fortune hunter Nathan Drake on a spectacular search for the lost “Atlantis of The Sands”, a critically acclaimed and multi-million-selling adventure that will take you even further into the Uncharted series…


That is a pretty promising description behind the disc case XD !!


Before I go on with the review….. hats off to Naughty Dog!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was an outstanding game which I and my friends enjoyed playing a lot together. It was near perfect. This time, Naughty Dog had a question in front  of them…”How do we go past the ‘near-perfect’?”

They answered it by trying to hit the perfect mark.


Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune set a new level of visuals and graphics and Uncharted 2 improved on that with a skill that only a skilled team of developers can make. The game had multiplayer and got several Game Of The Year awards.


Coming back to Uncharted 3, This franchise gets better with every iteration. Naughty Dog didn’t disappoint this time either.


As usual, when it comes to 3rd person shooter games, one might think of the same clichéd story where the protagonist has the lead, the bad guys beat the crap out of his team and snatch the lead.

This does happen in Uncharted 3, but you’ll never see it coming.



As with other Uncharted games, crushing is the highest difficulty which will only be unlocked after you’ve beaten the game once on any other difficulty; and you get a shiny new gold trophy for beating the game on crushing. Do keep in mind that the AI gets way too stronger, almost real life.


Stunning graphics yet again, decades ahead of Uncharted 2. Top it up with bad-ass action sequences and slo-mo melee combos, and a gripping story with twists and turns. CHERRY ON TOP!!! 🙂


+ Awesome story

+Beautiful environments and scenes

+Shooting feels like you’re shooting a real gun, not like you’re shooting pebbles out of your gun.

+Enhanced combat system and a great physics engine.

+Hand to Hand combat animation feels realistic to the core. The best ever. Feels like you are actually punching the crap out of the bad guys

+Takes you even deeper into the past life on Nate and Sully.

+ Cinematic experience

+ Playable in 3D


-The melee system is so enhanced that you can punch the armored enemies wearing a freaking helmet with your bare fists!

-Top notch animation gets janky a lot of times.

-Dumb AI control on characters. They literally crash into you, block your way. And the public in places in the market in Yemen; don’t even talk about that. People continue staring at Drake, even if he is standing on their table…

-Sloppy AI in the easier difficulties. I think just because the Difficulty is easy?!!


All these apart, the game has a great story and the characters are amazing. The game has beautiful landscape scenes that you must visit before you die. It had me glued to my screen from the time I put the disc in, to the time the credits rolled.

If Naughty Dog is good at something other than making video-games, is the team’s ability to express a complicated story with perfection, ease and grace.




(This feature is available only on the PS3 version)

**To play  the multi-player, you first need to enter the supplied voucher code into the PSN and download a network pass.  Second hand buyers would be needed to pay a little extra for the multiplayer as they do not have the supplied voucher code**


The multi-player doesn’t disappoint either. Uncharted 3 has greatly improved on its multiplayer side as compared to the previous game. Still, the visuals are not like the Single-Player campaign (as of which, less textures and clothing doesn’t get wet if your character jumps into water to mention a few things that are stripped from the multi-player)


This time the players have way more customization options. So many that I can’t even mention them. All this makes the multiplayer a lot fun. There are both Competitive and Co-Op types of multiplayer options available to the players. Well, Naughty Dog did solve the ‘Helmet punching’ thing. In order to melee the armored enemies, you must first knock their helmets of with your gun, then you can co in for the melee combos.



This section is for my beloved trophy hunters who have spent nights without sleep trying to get the 100% on games.

The single-player trophy are a piece of cake for those who enjoy the Uncharted series.

But here is where angels turn into demons: MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES

These could be a real pain in the ass situations where you are filled with rage and disgust.

Naughty Dog released several DLCs , which totally add up to about 50% of the trophy list.

For more info, please refer the following guide on PlaysStation.org site.

Guide By: Pesico. DLC: Nille, dcollins22, Mastodon, JK1011.  Thanks a lot guys,


(Tip: Buy the Game of The Year edition as it has all the DLCs included on the disc, thus, saves a lot of money)


Final Verdict:

Story 8/10

Soundtrack 9/10

Physics and Graphics 9/10

Sensible features 8/10

AI 8/10

Multiplayer 9/10

Overall Score    9/10


Expert Comment: Naughty Dog could’ve worked a lot more on the multiplayer. They should release more patches enhancing the cons mentioned in this review.

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