Catch up on lost growth for your kids!

Health is wealth. We all know how true this statement is, and try our best to follow all possible guidelines to ensure that we and our family members stay always healthy. But in today’s time when the food available is deficient in nutritional factors due to various reasons like uncontrolled use of pesticides and insecticides, synthetic fertilizers and long days and distance of transportation, we need to put in extra efforts to achieve optimum health and to maintain it.

It becomes an even more tough and herculean task when we consider the question of optimum health for children. Most of the kids are fussy eaters, specially in regards to nutritionally rich vegetables and fruits. It is very difficult to make them understand the importance of nutrition rich foods and then to convince them to eat those. In such a scenario, nutritional supplements which can be added to milk come in handy. But, in some case, even these added supplements are not able to provide the growing child with sufficient requirements of nutrition. Many factors are responsible for this ,like child being too finicky and irregular in food habits or the low nutritional level of food being provided.

The growing children need extra doses of minerals and vitamins for optimum weight gain and height increase. When this is not available they fall behind in these parameters compared to their peer group. Lacking in height can be very emotionally traumatic for kids as they are prone to being bullied about this matter in school or socially. I have personally noticed some such cases.So, it becomes very important to address this issue for the best overall development of the child not just physically and mentally but also emotionally.

A new heath supplement Horlicks Growth+  has been specially formulated by child health experts keeping all these factors in mind. It has advanced nutrition for proper growth and development of growing children in the age group of 3 to 9 years. It contains added vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients to help the child to catch up on lost growth in height or weight by providing extra boost of required nutrition to the body systems. According to surveys, it’s consumption has shown clinically proven visible growth in six months .

Is your child behind his peers in height or weight gain ? Then Horlicks Growth can be the right solution for him as it also contains high quality proteins. Please consult your pediatrician at the earliest to discuss the right amount of dosage of Horlicks Growth to be given to your child. The correct dose can vary from child to child depending on child’s metabolic rate, types of food items consumed and meal timings.

To check your child’s parameters of height and weight, try out the horlicks growth calculator at this site –

This will help to check if your child is growing well.

Horlicks growth+ is available in two yummy flavors- chocolate and vanilla which are sure to be favorites of even the most finicky and choosy kids. It can be added to hot or cold milk or water. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

It is a nutritional supplement and not meant to replace meals. Therefore continue regular nutritional diet for your kids along with it.

Horlicks growth+ also  provides vitamin A, C and D which are important to build up healthy immunity for children and guard them against several diseases. So, take the right decision and choose this wonderful health aid.



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