Best Bollywood Movie Ever!

India is often called the world’s other movie capital other than Hollywood, due to the sheer number of movies produced in Bollywood-the Indian film industry based in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay). The numbers of films made each year are more than 1500 on an average and in terms of statistics it has grown to $2.3billion approx.


There are different types of movies that are produced in Bollywood, that cater to the different types of viewers and belong to the various levels of the quality meter-the good ones, not so good, the bad ones and some downright atrocious. There is commercial cinema which is loved by the masses and there is parallel cinema which is enjoyed by art lovers and contributes to art of movie making substantially if not as much in financial terms.

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To pick the best Bollywood movie ever is not an easy task as tens of thousands of films have been made since the industry started in 1913 with the production of first Indian feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’. But some of the movies which have touched our sensibilities and hearts in some way or the other over the ages are-Mother India, Mughal-E-Azam, Guide, Sholay, Masoom, Arth, Pakeezah, Lagaan, 3 idiots, Taare zameen par, Rang de basanti, Swades and many more.


Out of a whole lot of choicest of Indian movies that i have enjoyed watching, Chak de India is my all time favorite. It was released in 2007.  It had all the ingredients which make a movie a must watch and raise it to an all new level of films.


The film is based on a real life incident, so it feels very inspirational as the viewer can totally relate to the struggles the characters in the movie are going through to achieve their goals in spite of the umpteen hurdles and challenges they face in their path. The narrative of the film flows smoothly throughout and lacks unnecessary diversions and tracks.

All the actors fit perfectly into their characters and play the roles as if they are born for it. Shahrukh Khan superbly dons the role of the hockey coach with his perfect mannerisms and physical attributes. It seems as if he had been coaching hockey players all his life. The way he instills confidence and team spirit in his demoralized and divided team is a great lesson to be imbibed in all spheres of our life. As the movie proceeds, one gets to watch thrilling action on the field which is very realistic. The climax is equally nail biting and the movie ends on a very positive note upholding the virtues of team work, undying human spirit and off course resilience against all odds.

Overall, this movie impressed me a lot and touched me at a deep level and became a permanent member in my unforgettable and all time favorites list.


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Now, if we talk about Bollywood movies in general, there is no basic premise on which they are based. They cover the complete spectrum of emotions, sensitivities, topics, styles, techniques, genres, tastes and the like. But there are some common cliches which are repeated in lot of them. Some of these i am sharing here:

1. Hero is always good and the villain is compulsorily bad and evil. The good wins over evil ALWAYS.

Does it happen like that in the real world not always just even often ?

2. At least one hour of song and dance sequence is a must in a three hour movie, even if it is completely unrelated to the story line.

How else to you get to add multiple glitzy costumes and numerous breathtaking foreign locales in a few shots?

3.The hero single handedly beats up a whole bunch of goons even if they are double or triple his size in weight and height.

Are all heroes of Bollywood movies bestowed with superpowers?

4.Almost always the hero and heroine fall in love at first sight and then the whole movie revolves around their love at first sight.

Do all love stories in real life necessarily start by love at first sight ?

5.With just an added mustache and black sunglasses, neighbors and even cops can’t recognize a person if a character needs to disguise himself in the story.

If disguising oneself was as easy, all criminals in the real world would rest assured peacefully that they shall never be caught. After all, arranging a fake mustache and black sunglasses is not that difficult a task.

6.If a car in the film ever stops working, one solution that works 100% is to pour some water in the radiator.

Would we ever need car mechanics if this filmy trick worked as wonderfully in real life?

7. The hero constantly stalks the heroine to win her heart and almost always succeeds in doing so.

Does stalking ever work in the real world? in fact this often takes serious turns and has damaging repercussions as recently happened in a sad case in Chennai. This is one issue which film makers need to think about seriously and refrain from encouraging in any form in the movie because it has damaging effects on the youngsters  who blindly copy what is shown on screen and society is affected as whole.

Whenever a commercial movie with big names who have spend big amounts on advertising it is released, the viewers rush to watch it and it runs on house full. Mostly, people follow the mass mentality. On the other hand, when a well made movie with a message comes to the theaters, it gets a luke warm response and does not do well financially. As an audience, its high time we use discernment and appreciate the effort of movie makers who have the courage to come up with useful messages.  Movie making is a business and no producer will be ready to finance a venture which incurs loss . So, we should flock the halls to watch such movies so that their makers are rewarded in financial aspects also other than just awards so that they continue to make high quality stuff. After all, movies are a very strong medium that can be the harbingers of change in the society. This medium should be used to its best advantage other than just entertainment.

What is urgently needed is change in the common mindset!


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