The Mermaid Greenie !

Since the last few days, i had noticed my son staring at the TV screen with wide eyed wonder and excitement whenever the Colgate advertisement appeared during breaks. On closer look, i realized that he was inquisitive about the sea animals showed in the ad and their cutouts which were available free with the Colgate strong teeth toothpaste packs.

On noticing his curiosity and eagerness for these sea animal figurines, I promised to get him the Colgate toothpaste at the earliest if he brushed his teeth properly, following the method and correct brush strokes advised by his dentist and that too without fail. He quickly agreed to the deal.

In the evening when i brought him the Colgate packs with the magical sea world creatures printed on the inner side, he was full of enthusiasm and immediately set out to cut them and arrange them on a board to create the magical sea scene. He was completely engrossed in the fun and learning activity. Along with figurines, there were small snippets of information about those sea animals which greatly added to his knowledge.

After he had finished displaying the cut outs and created a wonderful scene which looked straight out of the recent movie ‘Finding Dory’ he invited all the family members for a story session. We all were made to sit around his sea scene display and witness him unlock his imagination and creativity. We were taken into the fascinating world of mermaids, pirates, treasures and dolphins.

Are you ready to sail along with him into this amazing  wonder world?  Hop on!

Magical sea world cut out display


A long, long time ago, there was a mermaid with beautiful, shiny green eyes. Her name was Greenie. She lived inside the deep blue sea with her family. They lived happily and Greenie had lot of friends who lived in her neighborhood. They studied with her in the Seakids Academy, where they played together and also had lots of fun.

Sometimes, she liked to visit the sea shore to watch people on the beach, especially the little kids, whom she found so cute and adorable. Greenie would watch them making sand castles, looking bewildered at the splashing sea waves and soaking the warmth of the sun. Some of them frequented the ice-cream selling cart which was always surrounded by the merry making munchkins eager to try out different flavors.

One day, as she sat on a rock near the beach, lost deep in her thoughts, the pirate named Blackbeard saw her through his binoculars. The rock where she was sitting was quite a distance from the beach and hidden from public view by the bushes. Blackbeard was in his ship approaching the coast to anchor it at the harbor nearby. He had sailed the sea for years looking for treasure hidden at a secret location; but he had failed in all his attempts and always returned empty handed. This time too, success had eluded him. He was deeply frustrated because of his repeated failures.

The cunning Blackbeard had heard from some folks about the mermaid who knew about the secret location of the treasure. He also knew that this mermaid had green eyes and she often visited the shore to watch the human world and the playing kids. He immediately hatched a plan to kidnap her so that he could find the huge hidden treasure with her help.

Blackbeard, stealthily put a net near the shore to capture her when she returned to the sea to swim back home.

Greenie was completely oblivious of the devious plan of Blackbeard and had no idea of the trap. The sun had started setting on the horizon and soon darkness would spread its wings every where, so she decided to return back home. As soon as she entered the water to swim back home, she got badly entangled in the net and was completely trapped in it. Within minutes, she was dragged towards a ship through the ropes attached to the net.


Blackbeard pulled her up into the ship and tied her with heavy chains to prevent her from escaping. His assistant Sadie was assigned the duty of keeping a constant watch on Greenie.

Greenie was very frightened and worried. Although she knew the secret location near the coral reef where the treasure was hidden and even the exact location inside a shipwreck where it was safely kept, she had no intention of divulging the truth to Black beard as the treasure was the rightful property of her friend  ‘Orange’-the octopus. Orange guarded his treasure with all his strength and might. Greenie would never let any harm approach her friend or his property.

On the second night of her capture, Greenie woke up with a startle by a sudden poke on her ear. As she looked around to check what it was, she saw a parrot hiding near- by and trying to convey her some message. Soon, she deciphered that the parrot, Peeku had been sent to search for her by her family and her friends- the sea horse, lion fish, tortoise and swordfish. They were really concerned about her well being when they found she was missing.

Peeku and Greenie thought of a plan to  free her from captivity. Soon enough, they found an opportune moment when Sadie dozed off on her chair from where she was keeping a vigil. Quickly, Peeku opened the lock of the chain around Greenie with his beak. He was an expert at this task having practiced it regularly.

Greenie silently freed herself from the chains and jumped into the inviting water of the sea and started swimming rapidly towards her home. Peeku flew over her to guide her and show her the way. On the way, she met her friends- the puffer fish, sword fish, smiley crab and blue dolphin who guarded her throughout her journey till she reached home safely. She thanked her friends wholeheartedly and invited all of them for a fun party at her home on the weekend.

After all, friend in need is a friend indeed !



With this , my son ended the amazing story telling session with a promise to share another story the next day.

Along with having fun, getting inspired to create his own stories, this activity also taught him interesting facts about sea creatures like – crabs can walk sideways, octopus has three hearts and can change its color quickly, some starfish species can regrow limbs, sting ray uses it’s stinger for self defense, lion fish can be dangerous as their needle like spines and teeth can poison you, dolphins are smart and very friendly and many many more like these.

The four packs of colgate strong teeth toothpaste with different themes- Treasure hunt, Pirate ship, Sea magic and Coral reef are a wonderful way to unlock children’s imaginative abilities along with protecting their teeth and gums. So, get going and grab them all for your little ones and watch them having fun as they embark on the journey to the fantasy land of sea creatures.







Catch up on lost growth for your kids!

Health is wealth. We all know how true this statement is, and try our best to follow all possible guidelines to ensure that we and our family members stay always healthy. But in today’s time when the food available is deficient in nutritional factors due to various reasons like uncontrolled use of pesticides and insecticides, synthetic fertilizers and long days and distance of transportation, we need to put in extra efforts to achieve optimum health and to maintain it.

It becomes an even more tough and herculean task when we consider the question of optimum health for children. Most of the kids are fussy eaters, specially in regards to nutritionally rich vegetables and fruits. It is very difficult to make them understand the importance of nutrition rich foods and then to convince them to eat those. In such a scenario, nutritional supplements which can be added to milk come in handy. But, in some case, even these added supplements are not able to provide the growing child with sufficient requirements of nutrition. Many factors are responsible for this ,like child being too finicky and irregular in food habits or the low nutritional level of food being provided.

The growing children need extra doses of minerals and vitamins for optimum weight gain and height increase. When this is not available they fall behind in these parameters compared to their peer group. Lacking in height can be very emotionally traumatic for kids as they are prone to being bullied about this matter in school or socially. I have personally noticed some such cases.So, it becomes very important to address this issue for the best overall development of the child not just physically and mentally but also emotionally.

A new heath supplement Horlicks Growth+  has been specially formulated by child health experts keeping all these factors in mind. It has advanced nutrition for proper growth and development of growing children in the age group of 3 to 9 years. It contains added vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients to help the child to catch up on lost growth in height or weight by providing extra boost of required nutrition to the body systems. According to surveys, it’s consumption has shown clinically proven visible growth in six months .

Is your child behind his peers in height or weight gain ? Then Horlicks Growth can be the right solution for him as it also contains high quality proteins. Please consult your pediatrician at the earliest to discuss the right amount of dosage of Horlicks Growth to be given to your child. The correct dose can vary from child to child depending on child’s metabolic rate, types of food items consumed and meal timings.

To check your child’s parameters of height and weight, try out the horlicks growth calculator at this site –

This will help to check if your child is growing well.

Horlicks growth+ is available in two yummy flavors- chocolate and vanilla which are sure to be favorites of even the most finicky and choosy kids. It can be added to hot or cold milk or water. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

It is a nutritional supplement and not meant to replace meals. Therefore continue regular nutritional diet for your kids along with it.

Horlicks growth+ also  provides vitamin A, C and D which are important to build up healthy immunity for children and guard them against several diseases. So, take the right decision and choose this wonderful health aid.



“Pregnancy and motherhood are the most beautiful and significantly life altering events that i have ever experienced ” -Elizabeth Hasselbeck

This is so true! Journey to motherhood ie pregnancy is a unique and incomparable experience, for the mother and also for the whole family of the yet to be born baby.
The moment pregnancy is confirmed a woman’s life undergoes a shift-in terms of view point, new perspectives, sense of responsibility etc. It is never the same as before.

This is the moment of true realization for her, of being a co- creator in the mammoth task of life creation on this planet and of nurturing it. It is a moment of profound awakening also, vastly spiritual in its true essence.

It’s an amazingly beautiful journey,no doubt, but it is not easy.

“Going into a pregnancy is a really challenging time for a woman because it is forever changing, both mentally and physically.”
-Brooke Burke

After the conception is confirmed, proper care, caution and rest should be taken. A special pregnancy diet as advised by the nutritionist should be consumed to ensure the proper development of the growing fetus inside the womb of the mother. All the doctor recommended tests should be taken to avoid any complications in the pregnancy, also it becomes much easier to tackle any problems if that comes into notice early on.

The journey of pregnancy is dotted with myriad experiences, some happy and some little tough but learning ones nevertheless. It can also have a lot of ups and downs, the best way to handle is not to get worried and stressed but take decisions with a calm mind.

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched along with body- making pregnancy, a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.” -Anne Christian Buchanan

The mom to be is pampered by almost everyone around her. She learns to connect with her own self at a totally new level. This is the time when the pregnant woman needs the love, care and support of all family members and colleagues at her work place.

During this time, the woman undergoes tremendous changes, psychological as well as physical. Her body image is completely altered, which might sometimes need extra effort to b e accepted initially. It makes her feel conscious and inhibited in the starting days. Constant support and positive encouragement is the key to help her take steps forward in right direction for the well being of both mother and the baby.

All her cravings, demands and tantrums should be handled patiently as she is going through a life altering experience which can be tough and rough at times with problems like nausea, stretch marks, constant tiredness, swelling in the feet etc. Most of these problems can be handled easily, owing to the various options available nowdays. For stretch marks, Marico Bio Oil is a safe and very useful remedy which is recommended by most doctors. It has been tried and tested by health professionals for its efficiency.

bio-oil-pregnancy-women-blogadda-contest (1)

Thus one can strive to be a #YummyMummy as long as one desires by eating right, doing mild exercises to stay fit and utilising the latest options available to enjoy this journey celebrating life in all its hues and myriad shades.

“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart until the day you die”
– Mary Mason

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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As the festival of colors- Holi approaches every year in March i get all excited as this is the most vibrant festival of our country filled with loads of fun and frolic which spreads good cheer and happiness all around. It has always been my favorite festivals amongst the many festivals we celebrate in India. As you all know there are dozens of festivals that are celebrated in India; this is why it is called the land of festivals.

Off course the most attractive and enchanting thing about holi for me are the colors- the different hues of all the shades of rainbow can be seen every where during holi- in markets, on pavement shops selling brightly colored holi caps, water guns and gulal.

I think it is these beautiful array of colors, spread all around and the cheer they bring about in everyone’s heart and mind is what makes holi the favorite festival of kids of our country. All kids play it with great enthusiasm irrespective of their religion, caste or social standing. There is no difference for them while applying colors. Their only motto is to completely paint the other person in all possible shades. We adults get to relive our childhood days through the fun shared in this festival and revive all the wonderful memories of days gone by.

I particularly remember the holi I used to play at my native place with my grand parents and numerous cousins. Almost all the uncles and aunts living in distant places made it a point to come to our ancestral home during holi. I felt, the more the number of people gathered more would be the enjoyment. The actual preparations would start around a week in advance.


The best part was, we didn’t use any synthetic colors for playing holi; instead we collected tesu flowers ( yellowish orange colored fragrant flowers which are abundantly found growing in that season in north Indian region) and soaked them in water for a couple of days to prepare a color concentrate which could be diluted with more water to play holi on the day of the actual festival. The greatest advantage of using this color was that it was not harmful to the skin, eyes or hair as it was completely natural and herbal.As the flowers carried a beautiful soothing fragrance, the whole atmosphere would be filled with nice scent when colored water was thrown on each other during holi. This was a real feast for my olfactory senses.

Talking of feast, my mom and aunts would get busy preparing delicacies like gujias, chiwra, wadas, days in advance. Some of us elder kids were allowed to help in shaping the gujiyas which is an art in itself. We felt as if we had accomplished a big feat if our gujiya turned out in good shape and would display it to other cousins and relatives as if it was a hard earned medal.

On the eve of holi festival, holika dahan (sacred bonfire) would be performed at a big ground where all the neighbors and extended family members would gather together. This was a religious ritual where certain mantras were chanted and hymns sung making the experience very spiritual and pious. It symbolises the victory of good over evil, thus imparting important live lessons to all of us, especially the youngsters. We felt encouraged to follow the right path in life, no matter how hard the circumstances.

On the eve before the festival, we kept everything ready for the next day of non stop fun before sleeping so that we could indulge in revelry as soon as we woke up. But my most cherished memory is of the naughty prank we would play on our sleeping cousins during night itself; that was making mustache on their face with kajal (kohl pencil) or lipstick . We used to have a whale of time doing this…the hardest part was to control our laughter during the drawing lest they woke up. The whole house would crack up on seeing their cartoonish faces the next morning. The unsuspecting victims would be at a perpetual loss to understand what was eliciting such strange reaction in which ever room they entered. The mystery was solved for them only when they saw themselves in the mirror. Some younger ones, would get the shock of their life on seeing their own unrecognizable vistas in the mirror and get scared on encountering the stranger in the mirror 🙂


No one would get offended as motto of holi is #bura na mano holi hai. Mischief is allowed during this festival. Soon after stuffing ourselves with the delicacies, we would gather our colors, water balloons and water guns and  apply coconut oil on our skin and hair to avoid any damage and to make the task of removing color after holi easier. And also, as the season is changing during this time, application of coconut oil is good for our body systems according to ayurveda.

We would go out in groups to our friends’ house and soak them in color to our heart’s content. In each house, there would be plates full of dahi wadas, chats and glasses full of cool thandai kept ready for us to recharge our battery before we attacked  another group of friends with our colors. It seemed our energy reserves on holi day were beyond getting exhausted. We enjoyed the freedom of fun and mischief for along time and didnot stop till we were called by adults to do so, who were probably scared that we might catch a cold in our soaked clothes. But for us, there were no worries, only  unstoppable fun and feast with friends and family. As the festival came only once a year, we waned to make the most of this time.Those are some of the memories i completely cherish whenever i go down memory lane. If i could have my way, i would have holi more often.

As the evening approached, and we had rested after taking the bath for removing layers of colors, the atmosphere would get reverberated with the sound of drums(dhols). It was now time for some dhol dance where we danced away  with friends and cousins without a care in the world and enjoyed to the fullest.

Now we have to play it with some responsibility. As their is scarcity of water everywhere these days, it would be best to play dry holi to save water. It would be inhuman to waste precious water for our fun when scores of others are struggling even to get drinking water. I would request everyone to play their part at individual level to address this issue.

Please use herbal colors to play holi as they are safe for us as well as for the environment. chemical colors cause water pollution and are very harmful for ecological balance.



“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”


Share The Load!

Sonia had just returned from school and was too tired to even take out her lunch from the refrigerator and heat it in the microwave, although she was feeling hungry. Actually she was not used to serving her own lunch as her mother would always keep it ready for her(all hot and inviting with its wonderful aroma) on the dining table as soon as she returned from school. But today, things were different as her mom was running high fever and thus was not in a condition to pamper her as usual.

After she had rested for a while she went to the kitchen and heated it and sat down to finish it hurriedly as she had to rush over to her tuition class as final exams were about to start within a couple of days.

She had barely gobbled down the last spoon of her sambhar-rice when she heard the horn of a school bus just down the street from her house. This must be her elder brother’s school bus, she said to herself. Soon enough her brother Rishab rushed into the house. He asked Sonia for some cool water to quench his thirst as the raging heat outside had taken its toll on him. Sonia  willingly obliged and offered him a glass of cool water.

Sonia went to the study room to finish the home work assigned by her tuition teacher. Just then, Rishab cruised in and asked her to get his lunch for him . Sonia advised him to help himself and do the needful. But Rishab argued back that kitchen work was the domain of females and almost all his friends thought so. He narrated the affairs from his friend Atul’s house where all kitchen work was always handle by his mom or his sister.

Although Sonia did not endorse or support Rishab’s views and behavior but as she did not want to disturb her mom’s restful slumber, she obliged and brought lunch for her brother.

She hurriedly headed to her tuition class and was busy there the whole evening. When she returned home after the class, she was happy to see her father who had just come back from office. Her mom had also woken up by now and she looked refreshed and felt much better now. All of them started sharing anecdotes about how their day went,what each one did either in school or office.

Next day was sport’s day in their school but her brother was worried and looked sad as his sports uniform was still not washed and ready. He asked Sonia to wash it for him. Sonia refused point blank and also narrated the afternoon incidence about lunch to her parents.

Their parents were surprised to know that Rishab harbored such wrong notions about household work. They asked him from where had he picked up such prejudiced believes because they never followed such  biased and obsolete stereotypes in their family home. they had always practiced complete gender equality in terms of house work sharing whether it was laundry, dusting or cooking. Sonia’s dad would often help her mom around the house. They loved to try out new tasty recipes  in the kitchen together and the kids would happily relish those.

On further enquiry, Rishab opened up about how most of his friends shied away from house work as they considered it to be the sole responsibility of the females in their house. Their dad slightly admonished him for following the wrong examples and explained to him that work is work and should be shared equally among all the members of the family irrespective of gender. Off course, they are free to pick up work according to their liking and talent. He advised him to learn from correct role models to lead a happy life in the future and chose believes properly with complete awareness. What he learns and follows in his growing up years will become ingrained in his psyche and define him in his adulthood.

Rishab looked really enlightened from all the nice wisdom bestowed upon him by his parents as he rushed towards the washing machine to wash his sports day uniform. Within half an hour he had his dress washed and in fact he really enjoyed trying out a new chore.

He promised to himself that from now onwards he will follow his parents’ example and advice to bring about a positive change among his group of friends and also society at large. This definitely is the correct path towards all round progress and development.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


There are thousands of children in our country who have a deep desire to study and learn but they are not able to fulfill this because of lack of resources. Children are the future of the society and nation.These children also have a lot of talent and capabilities within them which can shine through if they get a chance to nurture them.

Let us share a little of the abundance which God has bestowed upon us and provide a helping hand.

Sharing is caring and it helps in multiplying love,satisfaction,happiness and abundance.

Education can ensure their well being and provide them security of a better life in future. As responsible citizens of our country it is our duty to do whatever is possible in our capacity to provide help in achieving this humanitarian task.

When children of a nation progress,the future of the country will be bright and the country as a whole will progress and prosper.

Thanking you in advance !

Activity: Help A Child to Study sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future. We sponsor all formal courses above 10th, including 11th and 12th, diploma courses, degree courses, B.E., M.B.B.S. and Postgrad. Through education our students are able to escape the cycle of poverty through their own talents.

Details: We are very proud of our students – who are the children of labourers, small scale farmers, weavers and other families with low incomes. These students have enormous potential to succeed and only need financial support to do so. We are thrilled that today some of our graduates are placed with large companies such as Mahindra Tech, L&T, and TATA Consultancy Services.

Support: Education, higher education, sponsorship of students.

Note: We are looking for financial donations to support the higher education of our students, most of whom live in rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

This post is a part of BlogAdda’s Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. I am exercising my BSR. You can too with three simple steps. Visit and support the NGO’s.