Best Bollywood Movie Ever!

India is often called the world’s other movie capital other than Hollywood, due to the sheer number of movies produced in Bollywood-the Indian film industry based in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay). The numbers of films made each year are more than 1500 on an average and in terms of statistics it has grown to $2.3billion approx.


There are different types of movies that are produced in Bollywood, that cater to the different types of viewers and belong to the various levels of the quality meter-the good ones, not so good, the bad ones and some downright atrocious. There is commercial cinema which is loved by the masses and there is parallel cinema which is enjoyed by art lovers and contributes to art of movie making substantially if not as much in financial terms.

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To pick the best Bollywood movie ever is not an easy task as tens of thousands of films have been made since the industry started in 1913 with the production of first Indian feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’. But some of the movies which have touched our sensibilities and hearts in some way or the other over the ages are-Mother India, Mughal-E-Azam, Guide, Sholay, Masoom, Arth, Pakeezah, Lagaan, 3 idiots, Taare zameen par, Rang de basanti, Swades and many more.


Out of a whole lot of choicest of Indian movies that i have enjoyed watching, Chak de India is my all time favorite. It was released in 2007.  It had all the ingredients which make a movie a must watch and raise it to an all new level of films.


The film is based on a real life incident, so it feels very inspirational as the viewer can totally relate to the struggles the characters in the movie are going through to achieve their goals in spite of the umpteen hurdles and challenges they face in their path. The narrative of the film flows smoothly throughout and lacks unnecessary diversions and tracks.

All the actors fit perfectly into their characters and play the roles as if they are born for it. Shahrukh Khan superbly dons the role of the hockey coach with his perfect mannerisms and physical attributes. It seems as if he had been coaching hockey players all his life. The way he instills confidence and team spirit in his demoralized and divided team is a great lesson to be imbibed in all spheres of our life. As the movie proceeds, one gets to watch thrilling action on the field which is very realistic. The climax is equally nail biting and the movie ends on a very positive note upholding the virtues of team work, undying human spirit and off course resilience against all odds.

Overall, this movie impressed me a lot and touched me at a deep level and became a permanent member in my unforgettable and all time favorites list.


For latest news on Bollywood you can visit– the wonderful site with loads of information where you can even follow your favorite movie stars and get in touch with them. There is an app available which you can install if you want to easily access this site through your phone. There are sections like featured gallery, Bollymasala ,B20, starbuzz to tickle your entertainment buds. You can test your know how about your favorite star by taking starquiz. There is also Bolly rewardz where you can get free movie vouchers and points by following stars and get goodies signed by your favorite star in exchange of these points.


Now, if we talk about Bollywood movies in general, there is no basic premise on which they are based. They cover the complete spectrum of emotions, sensitivities, topics, styles, techniques, genres, tastes and the like. But there are some common cliches which are repeated in lot of them. Some of these i am sharing here:

1. Hero is always good and the villain is compulsorily bad and evil. The good wins over evil ALWAYS.

Does it happen like that in the real world not always just even often ?

2. At least one hour of song and dance sequence is a must in a three hour movie, even if it is completely unrelated to the story line.

How else to you get to add multiple glitzy costumes and numerous breathtaking foreign locales in a few shots?

3.The hero single handedly beats up a whole bunch of goons even if they are double or triple his size in weight and height.

Are all heroes of Bollywood movies bestowed with superpowers?

4.Almost always the hero and heroine fall in love at first sight and then the whole movie revolves around their love at first sight.

Do all love stories in real life necessarily start by love at first sight ?

5.With just an added mustache and black sunglasses, neighbors and even cops can’t recognize a person if a character needs to disguise himself in the story.

If disguising oneself was as easy, all criminals in the real world would rest assured peacefully that they shall never be caught. After all, arranging a fake mustache and black sunglasses is not that difficult a task.

6.If a car in the film ever stops working, one solution that works 100% is to pour some water in the radiator.

Would we ever need car mechanics if this filmy trick worked as wonderfully in real life?

7. The hero constantly stalks the heroine to win her heart and almost always succeeds in doing so.

Does stalking ever work in the real world? in fact this often takes serious turns and has damaging repercussions as recently happened in a sad case in Chennai. This is one issue which film makers need to think about seriously and refrain from encouraging in any form in the movie because it has damaging effects on the youngsters  who blindly copy what is shown on screen and society is affected as whole.

Whenever a commercial movie with big names who have spend big amounts on advertising it is released, the viewers rush to watch it and it runs on house full. Mostly, people follow the mass mentality. On the other hand, when a well made movie with a message comes to the theaters, it gets a luke warm response and does not do well financially. As an audience, its high time we use discernment and appreciate the effort of movie makers who have the courage to come up with useful messages.  Movie making is a business and no producer will be ready to finance a venture which incurs loss . So, we should flock the halls to watch such movies so that their makers are rewarded in financial aspects also other than just awards so that they continue to make high quality stuff. After all, movies are a very strong medium that can be the harbingers of change in the society. This medium should be used to its best advantage other than just entertainment.

What is urgently needed is change in the common mindset!


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Benefits of online income tax filing !


We all like our income to constantly keep increasing and dream of it rising exponentially. As we reach new heights of success and thereby new levels of revenue earning, we are duty bound to file income tax returns.

A tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer( individual, institution or organisation) by a state or its representatives to fund various public expenditures. This is how wiki pedia defines tax.

The purpose of tax is to raise revenue to fund government, to enable it to carry out expenditure on economic infrastructure, military of the country, scientific research, public work and operations of the government itself. Some of it is also utilized in welfare schemes of health, education and employment generation for the poor citizens.

Tax is the main source of government revenue which is needed even for public utilities like road and bridge building, law and order maintenance and other development programs. Income tax therefore helps in the overall progress and development of the nation.

It is thus an important duty of every law abiding and country loving citizen of the nation to regularly file income tax return. There are approximately 3 crore individual tax filers in India.

Some advantages of filing your income tax return:

  1. you can use it as your standard income proof.
  2. sanctions of loans either for your dream house or higher education becomes easy and quick.
  3. trading in stocks, opening bank accounts or making any other investments becomes easy for you.
  4. it becomes easy to obtain a visa for foreign travel as most countries want to know your financial sound status before granting visa.Income tax returns come in handy to prove your financial worth.
  5. planning a financial portfolio becomes easy.

It is important to file your returns timely and regularly to maximize your tax refunds.

With the help of information technology and internet, filing income tax has become an easy task which was earlier considered  cumbersome by most of us. Now transactions which were once time consuming can be done quickly and easily.

Thanks to the adoption of information technology by Indian income tax department, e-filing of income tax is not a big or difficult task anymore. It involves easy step by step procedures which are simple to execute.

Some of the benefits of e-filing of income tax returns are:

  1. It gets filed in a timely manner, without any undue hurry just before the deadline approaches. E-filing transfers your tax return documents instantaneously to income tax department. There are no chances of these important documents getting misplaced, forgotten or lost unlike the earlier paper based system.
  2. No chance of submitting wrong info related to name or income details as corrections can be made as many times as needed after filling the details before final submission.
  3. E-filing is cost effective and hassle free. You don’t need to pay heavy fees to get your documents prepared by professionals.
  4. Easy and accurate calculation is possible for knowing the taxable income. You can thus find optimum plans to maximize your deductions, lowering your taxable income by great margin .This puts in a lower tax bracket and helps in saving a big amount.
  5. You can double check the details like PAN number, bank account numbers and address and calculations can be verified again and again.
  6. Tax refund is fast and easy. When you file return online, often you get tax refund directly into your bank account within a month.
  7. You can view your tax credit and file it online from anywhere, anytime. You can even track the processing status in real time.

E-filing is completely DIY (do it yourself) with the easy steps to be followed and user friendly approach. If you still need some assistance in filing your income tax return electronically, you can take the help of platforms like H&R Block which have experienced tax experts on their panel who guide you at each step and are available on chat for solving all your queries. They have tied up with 300+ corporates and e-filed more than 3 lakh returns with 9/10 customer satisfaction score.

Keep these documents handy when e-filing your tax return:

  1. Form 16- This is your tax credit statement as well as your salary certificate.It has two parts- part A (contains TDS details from your salary )and part B( contains salary details like allowances, basic salary, deductions under chapter vi A etc.) You can upload your form 16 directly or fill it manually making sure you don’t miss out on any info.
  2. Tax credit statement 26 A – Form 26 A contains details of -tax deducted from tax payers income,tax collected,advance tax etc.
  3. Investment details- details of ASF,NSC,ULIP, UTI,PPF,Equity saving schemes,ELSS etc.
  4. Interest income details- interest earned on saving bank account,PPF account, FD etc.
  5. Medical or life insurance details-The premium you pay for these are allowed as deduction from your income.
  6. Bank account details- It is compulsory to mention all your active bank accounts as on date of e-filing the tax return. Details like account number,IFSC of your bank branch and type of account should be provided.

So, choose the easy, secure, accurate and quick way of filing your income tax return online and remain in the good books of financial institutions and fulfill your duties of being a good citizen.


 “I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.


Filing of tax returns made easy!

Along with rights, always come duties ! Most of us are very excited and particular about our rights but often ignore our duties, more so the duties we have towards our nation. One such important duty is to file our income tax returns, and that too on time. But it is common knowledge that income tax filing is not taken seriously in our country. Although every one is aware of the fundamental rights bestowed upon them as a citizen of this country but most of the duties a citizen has towards the country remained unfulfilled here.

Income tax filing is not done by vast percentage of the population in India due to ignorance of its benefits and also because it is considered cumbersome and time consuming. It is also often seen as an unnecessary burden which is best avoided.

But the actual truth is way different than this!

Income tax returns hold great importance in your financial life and are helpful in myriad ways. ITR comes handy in various circumstances like-

  1. if you want to apply for a loan be it for house, vehicle, business expansion or the like.
  2. in better planning your financial portfolio like share investments, fixed deposit, bonds etc and how much amount should be parked in each for better fruitful returns.
  3. if you plan to apply for a visa to visit a foreign country as a tourist, student, or for business purposes.

Filing income tax returns is a major responsibility we have towards our nation and overall growth of the country including the economic growth depends on it in more ways than one. Income tax is a big source of revenue generation for the country’s government. This revenue or fund is used by the government for building and improving infrastructure in the country like building bridges, research institutes, roads, dams etc. This income is also utilized by the government for welfare projects like midday meals, free education and medical facilities for the poor, shelter for homeless and needy, employment schemes for below poverty line citizens etc. 

Income tax returns also are a measure of a country’s  progress across various fields as the rising income tax shows corresponding rise in the income growth.

So, considering all the benefits of filing income tax returns, we all should pledge to do our duty and strive to become better and worthy citizens of our great nation and with online filing of tax available it is now an easy task. We can even file income tax with a few clicks in a couple of minutes with e-filing platforms like H&R Block.

E-filing of income tax return is a great option as it is :

  1. Easy and non cumbersome. It is very simple, convenient and user friendly. You can register online on the INCOME TAX INDIA WEBSITE from any part of India through your computer, tablet or phone to file the form.
  2. It is very quick and non time consuming. you don’t need to travel long distances in heavy traffic to tax offices or your adviser’s office or stand in long lines to file return.If you submit your return online on regular basis, the statement comes pre-filled with earlier information like salary details, investments, fixed revenue sources etc. Thus it saves lot of valuable time.
  3. It is secure and completely confidential. The information is guarded through high grade encryption systems.
  4. Easy accessibility and user friendly. You can check and recheck your information anytime from anywhere according to your convenience and make changes as many times you want until the final deadline of tax filing. It is not as cumbersome to make changes as in traditional methods of tax filing.
  5. It is eco -friendly as it is paper less. we can thus rest assured that we have helped in preserving trees at some level by doing our bit.
  6. Fast and hassle free Refund of excess tax. The calculation of excess tax is easy if done online and its recovery is prompt and easy. So, no more constant following of this matter and reduced stress.
  7. Tax estimation is easy, accurate and faster. After you fill in the required inputs, tax estimation can be easily calculated to find payment of tax due and monthly payments can be adjusted.

Internet statement of tax return incorporates all categories of income that is taxable,  deductible expenses and investments eligible for tax reduction, just like paper statement.

Some important documents needed while e-filing tax returns are:

  1. Form 16-issued by the employer.
  2. Form 16 A- Tax deducted by banks on interest
  3. Form 26 AS
  4. Bank statements
  5. Home loans and/or HRA receipts
  6. Documents of investments for tax saving and few others depending on your individual field of work.


If you still feel that you need assistance in e-filing of returns, tool like H&R Block is a great option as there are tax experts on their panel to guide you and provide help and solutions to all your queries. Their advice helps in maximum tax savings with optimization of your tax liabilities based on your individual situations.

Their in depth knowledge is also  a great advantage to individuals with capital gains, dual taxation, ESOP workings, global income,sale of foreign shares, and many similar complicated issues. They also provide year long access to your adviser, your account page and documents that help in planning taxes in better way with guarantee of accuracy and confidentiality.

H&R Block is the largest consumer tax filing company in the world with 2.5 crore clients served with 9/10 customer satisfaction score. It is a self guide wizard but quick call facility is also available for support.It is definitely a rewarding association and  a great step forward in fulfilling your duty to compulsorily file income tax returns.


 “I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.


Share The Work Load !

” Our horizons are shaped by what we know others have actually done”


“Time for change, Time to restart, Time to conquer, That time is now.”


Most men have the mindset that house chores are not their job and should be done by the women of the house.

Laundry, cooking and making the bed are all jobs either left undone or to the women in the house and the typical man only learns to use the washing machine after the age of 24, found a survey of more than 2000 men over the age of 30.


Society assumes that it is women’s responsibility to spend many more hours than their counterparts doing unpaid house work. The gender imbalance is sill alive and thriving in spite of so much progress and advancements all around. Women still shoulder most of the burden of household tasks. There isn’t much willingness from men to contribute.


With changing times, when women are sharing equal responsibilities in all spheres of life, to expect them to be solely responsible for and shoulder the household chores is very unfair.

Now, is the right time to take a stand against this gender inequality and bring about a paradigm shift in Indian households. It is very important to break the stereotypes and prejudices prevalent in the society regarding gender roles.


Before trying to change the society, one should try to change one’s own self; so i decided to take up this challenge of sharing the load of house chores by participating in #LaundryGoesOddEven activity along with Blogadda and Ariel Matic. It is always better to practice what  you preach.




The weight of house work is real and heavy. You need to divide the house responsibilities equally with your partner. I decided to help my wife in doing the chores at home as she also leads a hectic life.

Ariel Matic with the new OddEven calendar came in handy to divide the chores equally between us as we decided to share the laundry job on alternate days. For the first time in the history of the world, the Ariel Matic pack comes with an odd even calendar, this makes the division of laundry job  easy and convenient to remember.

The pack also also comes with easy guidelines with steps to follow to do the task easily. There are added tips to avoid follies to ensure the good results even for the inexperienced ones.




As i embarked on my journey, technology proved to be a great enabler with advanced washing machines available nowadays. I was able to do my share of the task very easily as I had technology and ariel matic at my disposal. The new Ariel ensures that the stains vanish easily and the clothes come out clean and fresh. In fact, i really enjoyed doing the laundry as the fragrance of Ariel is so refreshing.

It is so easy and effective to use, that even a novice like me was able to achieve remarkable results and laundry i washed turned out as good as new. Off course, on the alternate days which were marked for my wife in the odd even calendar, she did an equally good job. So it was truly a Miya-Biwi ka kamaal.




By splitting the chores, we were able to reduce time spend on house work and thus were able to spend much more quality time together which in turn strengthened our relationship, making both of us happy.

I also noticed that my wife looked more relaxed whereas earlier, she was always in a hurry mode, stressed about the chores to be completed at home. Seems, she had too much to do on her hands. Now she was more calm as I was there  along with our mate Ariel Matic to lend her a helping hand and ease away some of her burdens.

After noticing the changes, this activity has brought in our relationship dynamics, i am looking forward to learning some more chores like cooking to help and assist my wife and ALSO, learning something new is always beneficial to our self development as an individual.


So, to encourage a balanced household, let us change the gender bias norms to bust the stereotypes, that laundry is only a women’s chore. All men should contribute equally in the basic household chores that make life comfortable. Let us help our wive, mom or sister around the house and bring balance to the gender inequality within the family dynamics and build a strong foundation for content family members and happy homes.


Sometimes, the stereotypes of the society have to be broken to live your life by your own choice to usher in positive changes. It is a big challenge, no doubt, but just stop worrying on who talks what, about you; who doesn’t accept you. If you really care for your near and dear ones, live life on your terms and live it well!!


‘I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’


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As the festival of colors- Holi approaches every year in March i get all excited as this is the most vibrant festival of our country filled with loads of fun and frolic which spreads good cheer and happiness all around. It has always been my favorite festivals amongst the many festivals we celebrate in India. As you all know there are dozens of festivals that are celebrated in India; this is why it is called the land of festivals.

Off course the most attractive and enchanting thing about holi for me are the colors- the different hues of all the shades of rainbow can be seen every where during holi- in markets, on pavement shops selling brightly colored holi caps, water guns and gulal.

I think it is these beautiful array of colors, spread all around and the cheer they bring about in everyone’s heart and mind is what makes holi the favorite festival of kids of our country. All kids play it with great enthusiasm irrespective of their religion, caste or social standing. There is no difference for them while applying colors. Their only motto is to completely paint the other person in all possible shades. We adults get to relive our childhood days through the fun shared in this festival and revive all the wonderful memories of days gone by.

I particularly remember the holi I used to play at my native place with my grand parents and numerous cousins. Almost all the uncles and aunts living in distant places made it a point to come to our ancestral home during holi. I felt, the more the number of people gathered more would be the enjoyment. The actual preparations would start around a week in advance.


The best part was, we didn’t use any synthetic colors for playing holi; instead we collected tesu flowers ( yellowish orange colored fragrant flowers which are abundantly found growing in that season in north Indian region) and soaked them in water for a couple of days to prepare a color concentrate which could be diluted with more water to play holi on the day of the actual festival. The greatest advantage of using this color was that it was not harmful to the skin, eyes or hair as it was completely natural and herbal.As the flowers carried a beautiful soothing fragrance, the whole atmosphere would be filled with nice scent when colored water was thrown on each other during holi. This was a real feast for my olfactory senses.

Talking of feast, my mom and aunts would get busy preparing delicacies like gujias, chiwra, wadas, days in advance. Some of us elder kids were allowed to help in shaping the gujiyas which is an art in itself. We felt as if we had accomplished a big feat if our gujiya turned out in good shape and would display it to other cousins and relatives as if it was a hard earned medal.

On the eve of holi festival, holika dahan (sacred bonfire) would be performed at a big ground where all the neighbors and extended family members would gather together. This was a religious ritual where certain mantras were chanted and hymns sung making the experience very spiritual and pious. It symbolises the victory of good over evil, thus imparting important live lessons to all of us, especially the youngsters. We felt encouraged to follow the right path in life, no matter how hard the circumstances.

On the eve before the festival, we kept everything ready for the next day of non stop fun before sleeping so that we could indulge in revelry as soon as we woke up. But my most cherished memory is of the naughty prank we would play on our sleeping cousins during night itself; that was making mustache on their face with kajal (kohl pencil) or lipstick . We used to have a whale of time doing this…the hardest part was to control our laughter during the drawing lest they woke up. The whole house would crack up on seeing their cartoonish faces the next morning. The unsuspecting victims would be at a perpetual loss to understand what was eliciting such strange reaction in which ever room they entered. The mystery was solved for them only when they saw themselves in the mirror. Some younger ones, would get the shock of their life on seeing their own unrecognizable vistas in the mirror and get scared on encountering the stranger in the mirror 🙂


No one would get offended as motto of holi is #bura na mano holi hai. Mischief is allowed during this festival. Soon after stuffing ourselves with the delicacies, we would gather our colors, water balloons and water guns and  apply coconut oil on our skin and hair to avoid any damage and to make the task of removing color after holi easier. And also, as the season is changing during this time, application of coconut oil is good for our body systems according to ayurveda.

We would go out in groups to our friends’ house and soak them in color to our heart’s content. In each house, there would be plates full of dahi wadas, chats and glasses full of cool thandai kept ready for us to recharge our battery before we attacked  another group of friends with our colors. It seemed our energy reserves on holi day were beyond getting exhausted. We enjoyed the freedom of fun and mischief for along time and didnot stop till we were called by adults to do so, who were probably scared that we might catch a cold in our soaked clothes. But for us, there were no worries, only  unstoppable fun and feast with friends and family. As the festival came only once a year, we waned to make the most of this time.Those are some of the memories i completely cherish whenever i go down memory lane. If i could have my way, i would have holi more often.

As the evening approached, and we had rested after taking the bath for removing layers of colors, the atmosphere would get reverberated with the sound of drums(dhols). It was now time for some dhol dance where we danced away  with friends and cousins without a care in the world and enjoyed to the fullest.

Now we have to play it with some responsibility. As their is scarcity of water everywhere these days, it would be best to play dry holi to save water. It would be inhuman to waste precious water for our fun when scores of others are struggling even to get drinking water. I would request everyone to play their part at individual level to address this issue.

Please use herbal colors to play holi as they are safe for us as well as for the environment. chemical colors cause water pollution and are very harmful for ecological balance.



“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”


Share The Load!

Sonia had just returned from school and was too tired to even take out her lunch from the refrigerator and heat it in the microwave, although she was feeling hungry. Actually she was not used to serving her own lunch as her mother would always keep it ready for her(all hot and inviting with its wonderful aroma) on the dining table as soon as she returned from school. But today, things were different as her mom was running high fever and thus was not in a condition to pamper her as usual.

After she had rested for a while she went to the kitchen and heated it and sat down to finish it hurriedly as she had to rush over to her tuition class as final exams were about to start within a couple of days.

She had barely gobbled down the last spoon of her sambhar-rice when she heard the horn of a school bus just down the street from her house. This must be her elder brother’s school bus, she said to herself. Soon enough her brother Rishab rushed into the house. He asked Sonia for some cool water to quench his thirst as the raging heat outside had taken its toll on him. Sonia  willingly obliged and offered him a glass of cool water.

Sonia went to the study room to finish the home work assigned by her tuition teacher. Just then, Rishab cruised in and asked her to get his lunch for him . Sonia advised him to help himself and do the needful. But Rishab argued back that kitchen work was the domain of females and almost all his friends thought so. He narrated the affairs from his friend Atul’s house where all kitchen work was always handle by his mom or his sister.

Although Sonia did not endorse or support Rishab’s views and behavior but as she did not want to disturb her mom’s restful slumber, she obliged and brought lunch for her brother.

She hurriedly headed to her tuition class and was busy there the whole evening. When she returned home after the class, she was happy to see her father who had just come back from office. Her mom had also woken up by now and she looked refreshed and felt much better now. All of them started sharing anecdotes about how their day went,what each one did either in school or office.

Next day was sport’s day in their school but her brother was worried and looked sad as his sports uniform was still not washed and ready. He asked Sonia to wash it for him. Sonia refused point blank and also narrated the afternoon incidence about lunch to her parents.

Their parents were surprised to know that Rishab harbored such wrong notions about household work. They asked him from where had he picked up such prejudiced believes because they never followed such  biased and obsolete stereotypes in their family home. they had always practiced complete gender equality in terms of house work sharing whether it was laundry, dusting or cooking. Sonia’s dad would often help her mom around the house. They loved to try out new tasty recipes  in the kitchen together and the kids would happily relish those.

On further enquiry, Rishab opened up about how most of his friends shied away from house work as they considered it to be the sole responsibility of the females in their house. Their dad slightly admonished him for following the wrong examples and explained to him that work is work and should be shared equally among all the members of the family irrespective of gender. Off course, they are free to pick up work according to their liking and talent. He advised him to learn from correct role models to lead a happy life in the future and chose believes properly with complete awareness. What he learns and follows in his growing up years will become ingrained in his psyche and define him in his adulthood.

Rishab looked really enlightened from all the nice wisdom bestowed upon him by his parents as he rushed towards the washing machine to wash his sports day uniform. Within half an hour he had his dress washed and in fact he really enjoyed trying out a new chore.

He promised to himself that from now onwards he will follow his parents’ example and advice to bring about a positive change among his group of friends and also society at large. This definitely is the correct path towards all round progress and development.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


In today’s Indian society, women are conquering what were till now, the unchartered territories. Whether it is the field of engineering, medicine, finance, armed forces or aviation, women of our nation are making their mark in all fields. They are contributing positively to the society and nation as well with their intelligence and hard work.

When the matter concerns the home front, their contribution is equally praiseworthy and most often they share the maximum load of work in this arena. The division of house work is uneven and unbalanced.



House hold chores like cooking, cleaning and washing clothes were traditionally considered as a women’s preserve and sole responsibility. Women have since ages, willingly or unwillingly followed this prejudiced belief.

This stereotype has been perpetuated since many generations and has therefore become deeply ingrained in the psyche of almost all members of our society. Menfolk generally don’t share the responsibility of house chores. Some  advertisements  and serials in the visual media play a negative role in promoting harmful stereotypes of women in the predominantly patriarchal society.

No doubt, two out of three children think that household work and washing clothes is a mother’s job. Children will naturally believe what they observe around them. Home is considered to be the first school for children. They learn their core believes and mannerisms here. When children observe such disparity amongst the two genders regarding household chores, where in mom does most of the house work and dad hardly ever contributes in it …they take it to be the correct and proper belief and tend to learn the same behavior.

The children are bound to carry such faulty and prejudiced believes into their adulthood. Thus the behavior of parents at home acts as a means of passing wrong opinions  to the younger generation.

According to the survey, 65% of married men in India agree that their children replicate their behavior at home. Hence it is high time to change the mindset prevailing in our society. Children are the future of our society and also the nation. Thus it is very important to impart right values to kids at home itself.

Children wrapped in their little worlds readily believe what is presented before their wonder filled eyes and inquisitive developing minds. Children can be the driving change in the society and play an important role in breaking such prejudices and stereotypes, helping to establish equal and balanced society.

Children should be encouraged to engage in thoughtful action and not follow the traditions or customs which are outdated and obsolete. This is possible if they notice such examples of equality of genders in their own homes since early childhood.

In some homes, the equations have already undergone vast shifts- the husband and wife help each other in running the family and share house work through combined effort. In other homes, the scenario is slowly but surely changing. Some modern couples no longer see the house chores as a women’s exclusive duty. Men are trying to pitch in. With the advent of highly advanced gadgets like automatic washing machines etc., it has become easy for men to do chores as laundry also, as there is no need of experiential expertise required.

We have to change the dynamics of our homes and the ways we function so that women enjoy total equality.Man and woman must try to share equal domestic responsibilities. Right example must be set for children to follow. The children will thus learn the correct lessons and will be sensitized early on about the equality of genders even in house holds.They should be educated about gender equality in schools as well. The mainstream media should also understand the huge impact it has on young minds and depict behaviors in a responsible manner. This will go a long way in bringing about total balance and harmony in our homes and therefore in our society as well.


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There are thousands of children in our country who have a deep desire to study and learn but they are not able to fulfill this because of lack of resources. Children are the future of the society and nation.These children also have a lot of talent and capabilities within them which can shine through if they get a chance to nurture them.

Let us share a little of the abundance which God has bestowed upon us and provide a helping hand.

Sharing is caring and it helps in multiplying love,satisfaction,happiness and abundance.

Education can ensure their well being and provide them security of a better life in future. As responsible citizens of our country it is our duty to do whatever is possible in our capacity to provide help in achieving this humanitarian task.

When children of a nation progress,the future of the country will be bright and the country as a whole will progress and prosper.

Thanking you in advance !

Activity: Help A Child to Study sponsors the higher education of meritorious underprivileged students, supporting them to achieve dreams of a better future. We sponsor all formal courses above 10th, including 11th and 12th, diploma courses, degree courses, B.E., M.B.B.S. and Postgrad. Through education our students are able to escape the cycle of poverty through their own talents.

Details: We are very proud of our students – who are the children of labourers, small scale farmers, weavers and other families with low incomes. These students have enormous potential to succeed and only need financial support to do so. We are thrilled that today some of our graduates are placed with large companies such as Mahindra Tech, L&T, and TATA Consultancy Services.

Support: Education, higher education, sponsorship of students.

Note: We are looking for financial donations to support the higher education of our students, most of whom live in rural areas of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

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