Good Luck !


What is good luck for you?

Different people might feel lucky in getting different things, achieving different goals or milestones. For one person it could be attaining perfect health, for other acing a particular exam or being able to buy his dream house.

Your dreams and desires are the main root of the ┬áconcept of luck. Feeling lucky is knowing your true desires that might lie somewhere hidden in the Depth of your mind. Thus it’s different from person to person.

Identifying and acknowledging these desires gives one a better chance of consciously moving in the required direction and achieving the goals to fulfill your desires. Luck also reflects faith in obtaining these goals.

You feel lucky when you know what you truly want out of life, when you have identified what you want to be doing and what steps you take towards that path.

Then, you find reasons to act, to constantly confront the obstacles in the way and to succeed. You get the courage to put yourself out there and grab any and every chance that comes your way in the journey towards your goal.

Define and identify luck for yourself, Decide where you want to go. Move ahead with full faith and conviction. Be ready to convert the challenges into LUCK !